My mother is an educator, counselor, as well as an expressive speaker. She's done prose, poetry, and the like. She was a respected member of the award-winning Texas Southern University Debate Team where she traveled internationally to participate in competitions. Thinking about what I'm about to tell you gives me chills.

I remember being a young girl and sitting in a room of people watching my mother perform. She commanded all of the attention and for the duration of her piece I hear, saw, or felt no one else except her. Her words penetrated my mind and from then on I aspired to be and do what I had seen her be and do. That is the moment I believe I fell in love with the art of spoken expression or spoken word.

In high school I performed as well as in college but somehow somewhere the art got away from me. Recently the desire has been re-awakened. I have books and pages of material that I have written that has yet to be performed. It's just waiting to be revived.

Until new material is performed, recorded, and released here is an old video from a Lyrical Art contest I competed in about 2 years ago. I didn't win first place and that's okay. Being in that contest affirmed that the talent I once had for Spoken Word is still within me. Soon come.



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