Yoga. I used to think it was just about people stretching. And, I didn't think it was a thing that Black people did. I know it sounds close-minded and ignorant. I know.

Now, I know better.

I'm a new Yogi. I barely know what I'm doing but I know it feels really good. I'm Black and Muslim and yes, I practice Yoga.

Let me be clear though. I do not practice Yoga as a religion therefore:
I do not engage in chanting.
I do not idolize any entities by the use of statues.
I do not salute nor bow to celestial bodies.

I do practice Yoga for the balance it brings to my life.
I do enjoy the physical benefits it brings to my body.
I absolutely appreciate the calmness the practice brings to my mind.
I am grateful that I have found another method of preserving my peace.

Here are some videos of me learning.

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