Ramadan Raindrops 2024

Days 1 & 2
Days 3 & 4
Days 5 & 6
Have you ever met someone and it felt like you already met them somewhere before this place? Before this time? It is as though they are already connected to you, somehow, but you can't logically explain it.
Days 7 & 8
Allah (swt) is most subtle and observes all things. The good we do doesn't have to be extravagant for Him to notice it. The good we send forward does not have to be seen by the people in order to be recorded by the angels.

Days 9 & 10
To take advantage of time is to be in front of it. It is to gracefully make calculated moves with an underlying sense of urgency. For, indeed, our lives are an urgent matter. We are not guaranteed a certain length of time but we are guaranteed to return when each of our timeclocks are
to tick no more. May we take advantage of the gifts Allah has given us.

Days 11 & 12
Allah (swt) is Al-Ghafoor; the one who forgives perfectly and exceedingly. In Allah's forgiveness is a covering that pardons and protects us from the weight of our own sins. We must seek this level of forgiveness consistently, and with deep sincerity, for there is no limit to what Allah
can do for us and within us.

Days 13 & 14
"One moment of arrogance can sometimes be enough to wipe away years of great acts of worship." ~unknown

We owe ourselves reminders of humility as nothing we accomplish is because of the work of our hands. It is by the allowance of Allah (swt) and the skills and abilities He has entrusted us with.

Days 15 & 16
If point A is where we are now and point B is where we want to go, we can be certain that the path in between will likely have some aspect, or obstacle, that we don't expect. Maybe there will be rain or maybe there will be a sign indicating a suggested detour. 

Sometimes that rain or that detour is part of our spiritual path and has nothing to do with the road but everything to do with the traveller.
Days 17 & 18
This is desire. It can be illogical if left uncurbed.
Our desires sometimes entice us to get, get, get.
I want it? Okay, I have to figure out how to get it. Right? Wrong. More often than not, we should simply be still and deeply appreciate what we already have. A man may have little money but if he is grateful and humble then he is far richer than an ungrateful and arrogant man who has much money.
Days 19 & 20
Nothing can confine or restrict Him and everything, including time, belongs to Him. Allah can expand or restrict time. Allah is He who alternates the night and the day. He controls the shifts of the moon and the sun. They clock in and out, based on His command.
Days 21 & 22
This is a recurring lesson in the Qur'an - to be kind, to be gentle and not to be harsh. I'll forever be amazed at the boundless mercy of God. The fact that gentleness in speech was extended to someone as infamously cruel as Fir'awn reminds us that we should strive to extend gentleness and grace to one another, even when we have to dig deep to do so.
Days 23 & 24
Sincere intentions are powerful enough to turn a small act of worship into a grand one. If a person, with pure and sincere intentions, can only donate a small amount in charity but has a primary desire to please God then they will receive what they seek. In addition, this person's charity may be expanded and heavily rewarded due to the depth of their sincerity.

Days 25 & 26
Life is a road lined with vending machines. Some of the machines are fixed and will never move. Then, there are others that may appear or disappear at specific times. These times are unknown to us. As we travel along the road of life we come to vending machines that supply us with our wants and needs. We're periodically provided with various types of currency to make our desired purchases. We stop, make a transaction then we happily move along once we no longer need anything else from that specific machine.
Days 27 & 28
God-consciousness is one of the most in-depth and all-encompassing characteristics that a human being can possess. It is an umbrella that houses piety and righteousness as well as the knowledge, awareness, and fear of God. To live with God-consciousness is to live life in a manner that confirms and magnifies the fact that our temporary human existence is powered by the perfect never-ending existence of our Creator.
We are here by Allah's permission.
We breathe on Allah's timing.
We die only at Allah's command.
Day 29 & 30
As we prepare to continue life after the peace and ease that Ramadan brings, may we remember that just as Dawud defeated Jalut we, too, can be victorious. Just as tiny seedlings grow into mighty oak trees, it takes only a small amount of faith to yield grand results. May our faith be increased and sustained all the way to victory.

Eid Mubarak!
May Allah (most High & Exalted) accept our fasts, prayers, deeds, and righteous intentions. May we have light and guidance from this Ramadan to the next, InshaaAllah.

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