February 6, 2020 was officially my last day at a full time work-from-home Customer Service job I had for nearly 3 years. It became too stressful for me and really wasn't something I wanted to continue doing. It was great for a while but over time I outgrew it, or maybe it was just for me for a season. 

Now, I am focusing my attention towards teaching ESL online. There are many companies out there - Comfort Education, Magic Ears, GoGo Kid, VIP Kid, Dada ABC, VIP Kid, & Education First (to name a few). I have interviewed with, and been accepted by, Education First. February 17, 2020 will be my first day of training, inshaaAllah (God-willing). I'm super excited! 

So excited that I've already created my first 2D Prop digital printout package for my fellow online ESL teachers. If you're interested you can check it out in my Etsy shop.

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