Be encouraged and know that all of our prayers are heard.

Some prayers are answered with, "Yes." because what we are asking for is good for us and in line with Allah's divine plan.

Some prayers are answered with, "No, I have something better for you." because what we are asking for is not what is best for us.

Some prayers are answered with, "Sure, but not right now." because we are not fully prepared or equipped to handle what we are asking for.

So, we should not only pray for what we desire but also pray to have the spiritual fortitude required to do the work that is necessary to obtain what we desire.

Sometimes what we desire requires us to change, sacrifice, grind harder and/or grow more. Allah sees us and knows when we've completed the work that was necessary for that blessing to rain down. So...

Continue doing the work.
Never stop praying.
Remain patiently patient.

Allah knows when it is time for the blessing tailored specifically for you and since our timing is not the same as God's timing sometimes things may come as a complete surprise.

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