RAMADAN 2014 - 2018: Let's Continue Growing Together

Peace, peace!

Each year, since 2014, I've shared daily posts during the month of Ramadan. These posts usually have Islamic reminders, motivation, and/or inspiration. I often include Qur'an verses, stories, quotes, or hadith (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Each of the posts from 2018 are displayed below. 

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Day 1 - We don't have to be perfect to start or repair our relationship with our Creator. We don't have to be perfect to fast or pray. We just have to start. We shouldn't allow our sins, shortcomings, and wrong-doings to keep us away from God. We should go to God to receive guidance, light, and healing. Allah is the most merciful. He never said we have to be perfect to walk towards him. So, please, come as you are.

Day 2 - It is easy to focus on the negatives but what we focus on we feed. So, instead, think of the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Focus on the fact that the Creator does for us even when we don't ask. We are blessed even when we don't deserve it and the blessings remain even if we don't see them. The love Allah has for us is immeasurable. May we all have sight clear enough to realize and deeply appreciate our blessings. May we thank God, always.

Day 3 - Faith is not by sight of the eyes. It is by sight of the heart and soul. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible. For, with Allah's permission, anything can be done. Allah sees us at all times and Allah encompasses what we see. From Him nothing is hidden. And from Him, we can ask anything. May we walk by faith and not by sight.

Day 4 - Prophet Abraham was of good character. He was upstanding, dutiful, and truthful. His character was so pleasing that Allah chose him. Now, how do we compare? How is our character? How are we living and who are we when no one is looking? May we strive to please our Creator by having good character and good actions. And, not only in front of others but especially so in private when we have to sit with and see ourselves. May our higher selves have victory over our lower selves, always.

Day 5 - Allah's mercy is a compassionate forbearance. This means that even when we have committed offenses by doing wrong and/or disobeying divine laws Allah still is most kind and lenient. So, instead of punishment or allowing harm to reach us Allah instead covers us with His mercy. During the first 10 days of Ramadan we strive to seek and be granted Allah's infinite mercy.

Prayer for Mercy: "My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for You are the Best of those who show mercy!" (The Holy Qur'an, 23:118)

May we receive and be completely blanketed by divine Mercy.

Day 6 - The weaker one takes revenge and the stronger one forgives - even in anger. How many times has someone hurt you? How many times have you weeped and experienced deep emotional and/or physical pain because of what someone else did to you? How many times have you gotten angry over it?
For my answer - I've lost count. I've sat in that anger and gotten even angrier and you know what it did for me? Nothing.

But, when I sat in that anger and I spoke to Allah and I asked Him to help me that's when I started making progress in my healing. I asked Allah to not allow me to hate anyone no matter what they have done to me. I asked Allah to guide my heart to forgive and to wish the best for those who hurt me. Why? Because I want to become and remain pure. Because I want my heart to be clean. Because I want my soul to be fragrant enough to enter Paradise.

And, because I want the same for you I encourage you to forgive - even when you are angry. And if you can't and if it takes a long time still work towards it. And, while you're working on the parts you can handle ask Allah to work on the parts that are too great for you to bear on your own.

It is far better to forgive than to take revenge and it far better to love and be peaceful than to show anger. May Allah help us.

Day 7 - We are brought forth from the seeds of men and nurtured in the wombs of women. We are brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. We are mothers ans fathers, daughters and sons. We are cousins. We are kindred.

If there is a family member that you need to make peace with please do so as soon as possible. This life passes very quickly. We don't want to be in our graves with our grudges for that would make our stay very uncomfortable. So, now is the time to call that brother you haven't spoken to in years. Now is the time to text your sister and say "It's been a while, we should talk soon."

I know for some of us it can be scary because we don't know how (or if) they will respond. We should sincerely come from our heart and go ahead and make that first step. It is for the sake of Allah and Allah tells us to avoid breaking the ties of kinship.

If your family is good and no ties have been broken still just check in on someone when you read this. Someone loves you and someone needs to know that you love them.

This page is under construction. The remaining posts will be added soon. Thank you for your patience and support.

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