A Young Widow's Life - Day 1

May Peace Be Upon You and May Blessings Surround You

On December 3, 2015 my husband did not come home. 

On December 4, 2015 I found out he would never come to our home again because his soul had left his body. 

On December 5, 2015 I realized I needed an outlet so I started typing out what I was experiencing and I started recording as well. 

Allah was my therapist and Islam & prayer were my main form of therapy. In addition to that, sharing my story as I lived it helped me process and move through the new position I had been placed in.

My intention was to share my story as it developed but that was too much for me. Here I am now ... 1 year and 5 months into widowhood and I have found the motivation and courage to share everything I have held back. I have titled the series A Young Widow's Life.

A Young Widow's Life will be a collection of videos and blog posts detailing and sharing my life from December 5, 2015 up until ... well, I have not set a cut off date. I will bring you up to speed to where I am currently in life and will take you along with me as I continue to move forward, In shaa Allah (God-willing). 

Overall I feel very blessed to have experienced true love. I do not view death as a bad occurrence. I do not see it as a punishment or an ending. From my perspective it is a transition for souls. It is a doorway. It is the way we return to the beauty and perfection from which we came. Thus, I celebrate my late husband's life and I believe that Allah saw fit to call him back because he must have been done with his tasks here on Earth. I feel favored to have been the only woman he married and the last woman he loved.
Come along with me as I share the intermission to my love story with you. 


Below you will see my first FB post about being widowed and the short video I recorded on that day.

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