Sounds of a Hummingbird

You don't always need someone's permission or approval. Validation, in and of itself, is a crippling thing. It that can hamper, weaken, & lessen a person. Why? Because said person tends to depend on it - to become unknowingly addicted to it.

We often look to others to tell us we are doing good. We expect our friends to confirm our doings (or misdoings). We want our family to give us the things we can't give ourselves. We depend on others.

What happens when you stop? What happens when you depend on you? You realize your power.

Not to say that we should never need others nor that we should never look for a shoulder to hold us up when we are weak. This is only to say that we should never be comfortable being completely dependent on others while failing to realize that majority of what we need, want, & desire lies on the surface as well as deep within ourselves.

We often fear our own potential. We maximize our weaknesses and lessen our strengths while over estimating the strengths of others and forgetting that, they too, have weaknesses.

When one recognizes their might - their mental power - their ability to make things happen they lessen the possibility of being let down or hurt by others.

You can depend on you far more than you can depend on anyone else.

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