The Lost Turtle - A Photoshoot Attempt

Today, I had a photoshoot planned but all photos & videos that were taken were subpar. The weather was a little sad and sick today. I tried, tried, waited, & tried again ... and still was dissatisfied with the results. So, I gave up. I love that nature has a subtle demeanor yet it is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Though the day was a bit gloomy it was still beautiful in its' own right.

While driving around looking for a better spot to shoot, guess what happened? I stumbled upon a turtle. It was right near a curb and it seemed so out-of-place. Since it had rained the night before and some areas had been slightly flooded I figured the little turtle must have gotten pushed too far away from the bayou. So, I set my mind to "save it".

The bayou was a short distance away for a human but for a turtle it would have taken quite a while to travel there. I grabbed a plastic bag and paper bag from my ride and carefully picked up the lost turtle. As I was picking it up to place it in the paper bag I noticed that it had been covering a deep hole in the ground. Then it dunned on me, maybe it was about to lay eggs. She could have done so already but I doubted it because after Mommy turtles lay their eggs they usually leave and never return.

I called my brother, Quenton, and husband for advice. After talking to my brother I decided to take her out of the bag and put her back where I'd found her. I felt uneasy about interfering with nature and I concluded that the turtle wasn't lost but she just needed some privacy. My husband helped me to feel better by telling me that turtles can sense the water. This was such a relief because all I could think about was those little babies being born and walking the wrong way. Like I mentioned earlier, this was right by a curb so a few steps in the wrong direction and the baby turtles would be in heaven.

I hope the Mommy turtle is okay and I hope the baby turtles will be okay too. By the will of The Creator they will find their way to the water.

Were you wondering about the first photo? It's a glimpse of today's look. Maybe I'll try to complete the shoot again tomorrow or whenever the sun returns but I figured I'd share this with y'all for now.

Today I was reminded of this: The Creator plans and we plan ... and the Creator is the best of planners.

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